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As you stroll the walkways of McCully Shopping Center, you'll discover a medley of World Cuisines, from Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Mexican and Local Island favorites.  If you desire dine-in, dine-out or fast and fresh, the option is yours.  If you are dining solo for a quick lunch or bringing the family, friends, business associates or planning a party, what better place to be, with the selection of restaurants here. For that refreshing thirst quencher, specialty tea drinks or comfy hot coffee, we also offer the perfect spot to retreat to or grab and go.  Welcome to our little slice of Hawaii!




Coffee or Tea?
Curry House Coco Ichibanya
Fook Yuen Chinese Seafood Restaurant
Hot Pot Heaven
IREH Restaurant
Osaka Teppanyaki Kawano
Pho 777 Vietnamese Restaurant
Regal Diner
Taco Bell / Pizza Hut
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