2018 Pacific Rim International Futsal Cup


The Pacific-Rim International Futsal Cup is an international amateur futsal tournament held at Hawaii’s first FIFA approved indoor futsal court. From female players to beginners and experienced players, they accommodate various skill levels
in different competitive categories and offer the perfect conditions for visitors to play quality futsal and enjoy their stay in paradise.

1. International players gather from around the world
2. Officially FIFA approved world class indoor futsal court
3. Fair match up against equal international competition
4. Fair division grouping, with group phase and knockout rounds for upper and lower tier placement
5. Besides team entry we also offer single player entry (we will arrange the team for you)
6. Various language support (English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Chinese)

We are proud to announce that for the Pacific Rim International Futsal Cup 2018,
we will be offering the following Prize Money to the top 2 teams of the Men’s and Women’s


1st Place Champion: $3,000
2nd Place: $2,000


1st Place Champion: $1,500
2nd Place: $500

(At least 4 teams are required to form a division)

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